Jan 12 2012

Want to Know a Secret?

My amazing husband…if you know him, you understand amazing is an understatement.  He is a teacher, consultant, listener, father, friend, confidant, son,uncle, and a better Catholic than I ever dream of being. Oh…..lover too. (blushing ….gross mom!!!) He is patient, kind and I would be lost with out him.

We have not had a trip by ourselves that has not involved our children or family in 14 years.

This year…. I am in charge.

Our family trip is a week in Hawaii… can not wait! (no secret here, Grace’s new suit has arrived)

I scheduled us a 6 day cruise ( I LOVE the water…honestly I could sit on the balcony the entire time and just watch the amazing color of purple/ blue you can not describe unless you see it go by…) which I know we will enjoy ( as long as Carnival behaves).

The secret??? And my RAGBRAI friends…. I have lied to you, we may be back for a final day of riding but…..

We are having our 25th wedding anniversary this year and Chris has a dream. He has watched the Tour de France since he was 16. He raced his bike when the helmets were NOT required.  He is only 45 so don’t give him too much grief over that!!  When we were first married I would follow him on his bike for hours….in the car.  I was his pit crew 😉

I am taking my darling to France to watch the final legs of the tour!! So look for the crazy Nesseth’s…he claims he is running up the hill with Herbie.  Oh boy.  Our final night will be dinner at the Eiffel Tower.

Have a dream??? Hire a cleaning service and live it!

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