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Dear Steph & Absolutely Clean Family,
Thank you deeply for cleaning my mom’s home during her surgery. This has been a frightening time for my family, and your gift brought us freshness and light. I know an ultra fast clean at the end of an already- full Monday was probably not your favorite thing to do, but my goodness, the look on my mother’s face was beautiful when she saw how nice the house looked. You provide such an important and positive service to the people in this community, and it was a great treat to be on the receiving end of it! Thank you ALL!

Laura Fuller

When I started with Absolutely Clean, the most impressive thing about it was the owner. Stephanie was always open for any communication and we began a good relationship as there are sometimes ups and downs. She, however, was always open for suggestions, and would come by herself to help clean to make sure my expectations were met. As a result of this open communication, my house was always exactly what I wanted. They were always reliable, and the employees professional and personable. In the last few months, I underwent an operation for cancer and needed radiation and chemo. Stephanie immediately called and stated that while I went through my treatments, she would clean for free. It actually made me cry that their business was so caring. I hope when I get better to carry on this idea, by doing something myself to help others in the same need. No one knows how acts of kindness helps you in an overall way of feeling better. The business of Absolutely Clean is an asset to this community. I reccomend it to all. You won’t be disappointed.

Sandra Horton

Absolutely Clean has done a “Super” job cleaning our home. All of your employees have been professional and always friendly. As said on your website, “these are the type of people we would invite into our home”. We have never had concerns with any employee in our home.

Barry Soukup

If you are one of those people that goes a step further and wants to do business with someone that gives back to the community, look no further. Stephanie with Absolutely Clean is who you are looking for. Our friends and family reached out to help when my daughter went through a year of chemo treatments. Stephanie stepped forward and helped our friends and family stretch their dollars to make our house the least of my worries during that entire year. She also became one of my good friends. I have seen Stephanie provide cleaning crews on several other occasions to help families that are going through difficult times. She also gave endless hours to a project to utilize parishioners to clean our parish church and offices and she provides ongoing support and resources for this awesome task that is in its second year of success. So if clean is what you want, you’ll get it, but if it also matters to you that the people you do business with are huge community supporters, then you will definitely find a perfect match with Absolutely Clean.

Charlene Barak

We consider ourselves fortunate to have Absolutely Cleans services. The rates are great, the work is always prompt, and the end product fantastic. We have a very busy household and Absolutely Clean helps us gain back time we can apply to other areas of our life. We are also private people and were concerned a cleaning service might be an intrusion in our home. The experience has been quite the contrary as they are respectful and take pride in their work. We would recommend Absolutely Clean to anyone!
Best regards,

Dr. Holly Brown and Mr. Jerry Brown

I have had other cleaning services in the past, but none of them compare to Absolutely Clean. Their attention to detail and perfection clearly puts them above the others. The staff is friendly and courteous and takes pride in their work. The owner makes sporadic visits to inspect the quality of their work. Would I recommend them? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Jennifer Ruppert, PMP
AIT-Desktop Integration Coordinator

Absolutely Clean helps me survive “visitor panic” by getting my home ready for special occassions. The team was a lifesaver when they cleaned my house prior to my daughter’s graduation. I could enjoy visiting with my guests instead of being exhausted from staying up all night cleaning. It is reassuring knowing that Absolutely Clean is there when I need them.

Pat Blake
Cedar Rapids

Dear Stephanie:
Thank you for the excellent service your team provides in the cleaning of my home. They are thorough and very professional and I can always depend upon them to complete all of the cleaning to my utmost satisfaction. I appreciate being spoiled with such great service.
I have used other cleaning services in the past but none could compare to Absolutely Clean.
Keep up the good work!

Mitzi Wamboldt


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