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Feb 20 2014

Sun = Life

My day…

Starts with joy ..  the sun streaming in from my bedroom windows as I prepare for the day

My husband get’s up EARLY to work in his office before he heads out .. I meet him in the kitchen as we both are after coffee (morning elixir) .. we talk shop .. HR stuff .. I notice my Valentine’s Flowers soaking up the sun.  I smile.

I head up to my closet.. squeeze into pants that did not fit last week.  Smile

.  IMG_7155

I see a text on my phone from our Quality Assurance phone at the office “teams, please enter through the side door.. we have a flood in our main entrance”   I text back “sigh”…


NOW.. years ago .. I would have freaked out, now?  carry on — make some phone calls and fix it.  It was 50 degree’s yesterday .. that’s  the issue.   I smile.

I get to the office .. new faces.   Not a single negative attitude in the room today from our field staff (or at least I can’t feel it.. it feels awesome).  I smile.

We have 3 girls out sick today and we are booked solid WITH a snow day we are trying to fit it ..  Julie is in uniform.  She asked me last week if it was ok for her to work in the field .   It was supposed to be to add in some deep cleans, now it is just to keep up.  She’s helping me take care of our clients.   I smile.

I head out the door to make the deposit … oil light and coolant light comes on in my car.  I’m at the bank and the lights are NOT shutting off.  Auto Zone is next door… drive over…   I can’t get the oil cap off so I walk in to play my “girl card”

Seriously??  It’s a girl behind the counter.

Cough … “I hate to play my girl card… and now I REALLY feel silly playing the girl card but I can’t get the cap off”  She looks at me like I am from mars… comes out and promptly makes me look silly by removing the cap.  Then she gasps… there is gunk on my cap.  Not so smart now are we chica?? She has to head in and ask a guy what’s wrong… (phew… saved)   He comes out and asks me how far I drive everyday?  I told him I live less than a mile from my office.  He says “you need to head to Iowa City once a month and go shopping … that’s condensation”   I smile.   Um honey?? I must go shopping.  DUH??  SMILE!

I call my husband back (I had alerted him to our potential issue) and let him know I have it handled.  He’s rented a car for me for the next week and it’s going into the shop tomorrow.   I smile.

As I am driving back to my office, I realize I really truly am smiling.

Why?  Because at 45 .. I have finally REALLY began to live those faking it moments .  You know the ones, where your life is in turmoil and you are frantic on the inside but smiling on the outside?

Don’t get me wrong.. I have plenty of freak out moments over things that are IN my control .. or someone else’s control .. and they are not living up to their potential… or I am not living up to mine.  The small stuff?  I don’t sweat it anymore, and what’s really cool?  I’m realizing it’s all small… and for the most part, my smile reflects my inside!

The sun had a major effect on my attitude today.    Feel the sun today .. and let it guide you tomorrow!


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