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Sep 23 2019

September Newsletter

This months focus:

Did you know that this is the last week of summer? Yep, it’s here. Leaves are starting to change, the weather is cooling down and our schedules are getting even busier. There are two things that we at Absolutely Clean are focusing on this month: family and routine. If these two topics aren’t at the forefront of your mind it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.


Eat breakfast. Every morning. It is the simplest thing you can do to help kick off a healthy lifestyle. Even if you are not super hungry, grab a granola bar! This gives your mind and body the energy it needs.

Read every day. This can seem daunting to people but this doesn’t mean that you have to read for hours at a time! Start off slow, read for thirty minutes while you eat your breakfast. This helps keep your mind engaged and is a great way to improve your mental state.

Turn off electronics an hour before bed. This is a hard one, I will admit I struggle with it. The days that I am successful though, I find myself getting a great nights sleep and ready to tackle the next day. Not only does the blue light from our devices keep us awake but it also keeps our minds stimulated. Shutting these devices off helps us to relax and gives our mind a break after a long day.


As the season gets busier it is easy to push aside those that we love the most. But, do you remember how fast the summer went by? That is going to happen over and over again and the next thing you know you’ve missed out on so much. Put your phone down, don’t over schedule yourself, and remember to have fun. Don’t wait until something happens to realize how short life is! This is where we come into play. Don’t let cleaning the house be one of the things that keep you away from your family and doing the things you love. Not only do we love to clean, but we do a great job too!




First of all, we all know what happens when the school year gets started again. Germs begin to mix and slowly but surely flu season creeps upon us. This year, we at Absolutely Clean aren’t going to let the flu stop us. Thanks to Clark’s Pharmacy, they will be coming to our office to provide flu shots for our staff. We love supporting local businesses and are so happy to partner with Clark’s to try and beat the flu! Don’t forget to get your flu shot and when you do? Go to Clark’s Pharmacy & Gifts on 1946 42nd street.

The second business we are excited to start partnering is with Jacob at Cleanwash. Jacob is helping us help YOU get sparkly windows! Tired of looking out your windows and seeing dirt that you can’t get from the inside? Call 319-377-4404 and we will help you get an appointment to get those sparkly windows!



Last but certainly not least, our winner of the month! Each month we compile all the reviews we have received that our clients submit after their clean is complete. One lucky winner is selected and given a gift as our thank you for helping us give you the best service.

The September winner is… LAURA G! Your gift will be arriving in the mail soon! We appreciate you and the kind words you write about our stuff. Thank you for your continued support and for being a great client.

We are going to continue working with businesses around town and finding more ways to help our community. If you would like to work with us please email us at


Time In a Bottle


The mission of Time in a Bottle INC, is to provide precious “time” to parents that are dealing with the hope and care of their children becoming survivors. There many ways to help, donate your time, become a sponsor to one of our events, or Flock a Friend! Follow the Link to find out more!

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