Oct 03 2012


Disclaimer: I am NOT an English major, minor or anywhere CLOSE to being grammatically correct EVER so if you won’t be able to sleep tonight because I have fragments… and countless HUMAN errors, then my blog will NEVER be for you. I suggest you call someone quick and have your house cleaned so you can RELAX!


I have recently quit face book consulting and a bunch of other stuff that just wasn’t giving power to where I needed and WANT to be. I’m headed back to MY blogs, MY page and MY business. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE helping others and freely do so. The key word here is FREE. There is much depth to that word…. I’m #1 again and it feels good! So many things are coming together in my life because my focus is back where it needs to be … ME.

Is that selfish? Yes and NO. I deserve it. Better yet? I am a better friend, mother, boss and generally happy person. I have so much more to give. Sort of ironic eh? My job everyday revolves around marketing and generally being a sounding board for all the people I have empowered to be Absolutely Clean and Time In a Bottle Inc. I’m a facilitator. A darn good one if I do say so myself!

Today I was “pinning” for work – yes… I’m blessed to be able to play on social media everyday and I actually get paid for it! Just thought I was face book nuts eh? HA! Ok … I am a little. I’m a busy social person so it feeds my need to be WITH people. (I also have bright shiny object disease so bear with me …) Back to pinning … and well… ME J LOOK at this awesome blog I found on Interest today. http://lovinglifeathome.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/25-ways-to-communicate-respect/

Now… some of you may say… wait a minute!! That’s not about paying attention to ME! Oh silly girls…. Tricks are for kids!

Try it … just see if treating ANY human being in this way – let alone your man – doesn’t set you FREE! Read on … and learn a few lessons on being an amazing human being. It’ll set you … dare I say it again??? FREE

P.S … do it FREELY (psh … there – I said the word again – need more?? OK _- don’t expect anything back! JUST DO IT… I dare you!)

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