Dec 01 2011

Memories in Moments

Every wonder about all the “stuff” in someone’s home?  Some have more than others… some have things that are just “decorations” and truly mean nothing more than making sure that it “fits” with the decor.

My house is a little odd to some… most everything in our home has some meaning. If you know me well, you can pick up just about anything and hear a “story”.   MOST of the pictures on the walls are either pictures of my family or the picture has a story about something we all did together.  The picture in my basemet that looks like a beautful winter trail?  Just a picture?  no … my husband and I ran 16 miles every Sunday together while training for a marathon that looks EXACTLY like the picture.  Story.

We are a very busy family, always have been.  My husband travels A LOT!  There are times when he wakes up and can’t remember where he is.  Sleeping in his own bed is a holiday.  He also would really love to spend the holidays at our home but we know that spending it with family is more important.  For some reason we can’t get the rest of the family to travel to our home very often and spending the holidays in any home besides ours has become the tradition.  We arrange dog kennels… house sitters.. stop the mail — pack up the kids (one year we had to take TWO cars!)  I finally got smart and started shipping gifts.  Santa dropped a present out of the sleigh one year…  cough.  We have stories upon stories — last year was particuarly noteworthy!

So …I have this tree in my house.  To some it may just look like I collect stockings. I have several trees so you might assume it’s a  ‘themed” tree. WRONG.  You know what happens when Santa is coming and you forget SOMEONE’S stocking every single year????  You have to go get a new one … or Santa will have no place to put all those goodies.

Each stocking on this tree may not have a story that anyone else but my husband and I understand.. but it means the world to me.  (my in laws used to live in the mountains… do you know what’s open at midnight in the middle of no where???)  That stocking was a major score!

Make memories.  Tell Stories.  If you forget something …. it’s ok — it may just be a memory on it’s way!

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