Mar 08 2012

Life Is About Moments

How many of you are fans of Absolutely Clean?

Those of you that are, understand that I talk about time a lot. The importance of it, and why you should hire us to do the dirty work for you.    Today I am encouraging you to let the house get dirty!

Recently I posted on our fan page for a free clean and asked you WHY you should win.  I love hearing what you will do with your time, but it makes me a little sad sometimes.  It makes me sad because I am afraid if you don’t win, then these magical things you talk about will be put off…  this is what a few of you wrote:

“ I would spend all my extra time playing with my boys. I feel that they don’t get a lot of my attention cause I am always cleaning”

“Wow now that’s a gift…Time…I would play with my kids without the worry of what I have to do. I would be allowed to be a kid again if only for a moment. De-clutter my home and de-clutter my mind.”

“I would make it a memorable weekend for my son…going to the movie theatre, getting some ice cream, and then letting him run around in the park til he wants to go home.”

That’s just a few…?We have given away in the last 11 years well over 100,000.00 in free cleanings . Now I don’t tell you that to toot my horn, I tell you that so you understand how important time is.  The parents that we give to? They don’t really care about a clean house.  They want to be free to be in the moment, their children have a terminal illness…  but the TRUTH is their minds ARE filled with other thoughts and this one little thing we do … we hope is one less thing cluttering their minds if only for just a moment.

Ponder – why is it so HARD as mom’s to let go of the clutter of our minds???? ??My family and I just returned from 9 days in Hawaii. I bet you know what I was doing the entire day before?  WEEK before? I was running around with my head cut off so I could enjoy the moments.  YOU know what I’m talking about! ??Was it really important that every piece of laundry was put away before I got on that airplane?? Did it matter when I pulled the door behind me that there were vacuum lines in the carpet? Well … I am a control freak, so for my HEAD, it always did! When my son had cancer, I had the cleanest house on the block and Martha Stewart dinners every night. That was the ONLY thing I could control. ??I suggest you “let go”.

My daughter blogged about it, and it made me realize that in NOT letting go .. I am teaching her to have the same anxiety in the future. I have a new mission in life.  It’s to teach her to work hard and let go so she can sit down with HER kids and enjoy the moment.  I sat down with my kids but many times I was not in the moment.

Life is about moments.
Not how clean your house is or how fancy your car, might be.  (We stopped buying new cars and now buy airplane tickets… experiences! )  Hold your babies and release your mind to the moment.    Forget about whatever you left undone.  When the babies are gone … and mine almost are, believe me when I say it won’t be the clean house you will wish you had worked on more.  We all KNOW this but try and really LIVE it.

This moment, and every moment is about you.  Ultimately we always say it’s about our kids but how good are you if you are not spectacular?  My kids are 24, 21 and 15 and I guarantee it is experiences with us they remember.
Have them!
Lots of them….

I challenge you to let the laundry go this week and be engaged with your family.  Be engaged with yourself.
Now ALLOW yourself to forget about everything and ALLOW yourself to relax and enjoy your moments today and always.

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