May 01 2015

It’s that time of year again…

11091246_10206298868889598_8302335637502018746_n– It’s that time of year again – the time when I say “Congratulations on your son or daughter’s upcoming graduation”. I UNDERSTAND what you are experiencing as my daughter Grace, is my last bird to fly the nest and will be graduating from Xavier this year. I have three… yes. … THREE spots reserved for my home that week.

It’s such a stressful and joyful time of the year. I am already feeling my shoulders relax just knowing our teams will be caring for that aspect for me. I want to EXPERIENCE all those last moments and not worry about who is cleaning the house,

If your normal clean doesn’t fall that week, PLEASE call us TODAY as we are booking solid NOW and I’ll call in some old staff to help us make sure we can accommodate you! Our office will even jump in when we need to. We have your back.

– I also wanted to address a common complaint we are receiving. We are hearing quite often that you don’t like having a different team each clean. Let me explain how we schedule … I’m not sure this perception is accurate.

GalCarpetCleanWe do our very BEST to make sure that at least ONE person that is at your home HAS been there before. Rest assured that ONE person knows your home and is professionally trained to teach the partner they have that day. We work very hard to make this happen. . IF that’s not possible then they are both out sick and if you WANT we can pause your cleaning for that week until they return, you will be charged for that very prime spot on our schedule if you choose this option, however part of the joy of hiring a “service” is that we have other processes in place to always give you an Absolutely Clean home. Our staff are thoroughly vetted and if I don’t feel comfortable leaving them in my house. . WITH small children and all my valuables??? They don’t’ work for us. I’ve spent almost 15 years now building this company and I don’t take that lightly. I know you trust our staff and me with the key to your home. We KNOW what that means. PINKY SWEAR!

spraybottle– We have some new “green” products we are testing right now and LOVE – I think you will find your showers and tubs extra sparkly over the next few months.

– Congrats to all of our families and our 2015 graduates!

– Congratulations to Becky – not only did she have her year anniversary but she has been hired to take over Amber’s position and will be the voice you hear on the phone along with Julie.

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