Mar 01 2012

Hang Loose… really?!

Our family just returned from 9 days in Hawaii.  We were visiting family and experiencing the wonder of the islands.  I asked Grace to help me with my blog this week, she loves to  write and is encouraged by wanting to beat her brothers blog “views”.   I love asking my children to write as it gives me an insight I don’t otherwise have as well as honing a skill I feel is needed and I am lacking in … communication!  So the question was posed to Grace — Can you blog about our trip?
I am both encouraged and discouraged by her blog which you will read below.  It speaks of a growing work ethic which is fabulous and will serve her well in her future but it also speaks to a stress I would like to have not passed on to her.  As a business owner, you find yourself always working … she speaks of herself as well as her dad and I when she talks about “sitting on our phones worrying about things that shouldn’t matter right then..” I thought I did a fairly great job of only working in the am … before she was even up but I think after reading her blog, I failed a bit.  I failed myself in the joy of a trip, worrying about what was going on at home but also in the fact that I am teaching her that it is impossible to relax and enjoy some time away from it all.  I was angry for an entire day … super annoyed with a few aspects happening at my office and I took it out on our vacation.  Sorry, dear Gracie.  Mom is listening.  Where should we go next?
Here is Grace’s perspective:

One week. Go to school, get work done, hit the gym, and maybe even a few chores. Then there are the THOSE weeks. The weeks were everything seems IMPOSSIBLE. That has been this week for me. I just got back from a fabulous week in Hawaii, which I loved very much. Although the only thing that I had on my mind was the mid-term paper, or the tests that I was missing, or how about all those notes, I would have to try and trust another person to take them as well as I thought I might. Those last few days that I was supposed to be enjoying my vacation I was stressing about silly little things.

As I was sitting on my phone talking with friends about all the school work I will have to do; it struck me. We do all these amazing things, vacations and go to fancy restaurants and such, and we sit there. We sit there on our phones worrying about things that shouldn’t matter right then and their. We do these things to let go so why are we stressing ourselves out even more? We are making it even worse to relax. Anymore, nobody has patience or forgiveness. Everything has to happen at a fast pace or everything has to go our way otherwise we will be angry the whole day. I admit I do this too, and so do half the people I know. So I pose the question; how much of your life have you already lost by worrying?

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