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Dec 18 2014

3StarsRightMom & Dad enjoy a clean and healthy living environment but the time consuming tasks involved are just daunting leaving little, if any time for fun. Tell the King & Queen just how much you want them to enjoy their Castle, give “Mom & Dad” A Maid for a year and a Night Out (Dinner and a Movie)! Includes; 12 – 3 hour gift cards that’s one cleaning for each month of the year or give the King & Queen 26 – 3 hour gift cards that’s one cleaning every other week for the year and a $50.00 gift certificate for dinner, and movie tickets for two.

This is the gift fit for a King & Queen! Gift wrapped basket start at $1500.00

King & Queen of the Castle Gift Wrapped Basket

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Dec 18 2014

broomAfter years of taking care of everyone else why not treat your special someone to Freedom From Housework For One Whole Year! Free of house cleaning chores for one whole year – WOW!!! Includes; 12 gift cards one for a cleaning each month, 26 gift cards one for a cleaning every other week or 52 gift cards one for a cleaning every week for one full year. We’ll even throw in an extra gift card so that her first cleaning is a double clean.

It’s not about NEEDS, it’s bout wants! Gift wrapped basket starts at $2,050.00

Freedom For a Year Gift Wrapped Basket

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Dec 18 2014

spraybottleWho wouldn’t want maid service for their birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, just home from the hospital, sympathy gift, or JUST BECAUSE!

Let us help you share the gift of time! Gift Cards start at $105.00!

Just Because Gift Card

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