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Jan 12 2012

My amazing husband…if you know him, you understand amazing is an understatement.  He is a teacher, consultant, listener, father, friend, confidant, son,uncle, and a better Catholic than I ever dream of being. Oh…..lover too. (blushing ….gross mom!!!) He is patient, kind and I would be lost with out him.

We have not had a trip by ourselves that has not involved our children or family in 14 years.

This year…. I am in charge.

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Jan 04 2012

Blog:  A shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences or hobbies.

You may have learned that this isn’t your “normal” business and I really don’t care about PC.  Part of this nation’s problem is too much PC — so phony.. this PC.  Ironic, eh?  So here is another out of the ordinary business “blog”…

Absolutely Clean is having a tough week.  I’ve said good bye to clients that expect two of my staff to spend 4-5 hours deep cleaning a house that hasn’t been touched in a month for the same price as a maintenance clean … our snow birds are flying away ( we tried to tell them there was no snow here so why not just stay this year???)  We lose clients to over spending at Christmas time (they will be back later.. )    Crystal’s sister’s boyfriend passed away … Jean’s daughter has cancer and Julie’s husband had a heart attack tonight.   The list goes on …

Boy are we praying.

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Dec 29 2011

Let me start off by saying I love my children, and I do everything I do for my family. They are the reason I am who I am today. On that note, my children/family drives me crazy sometimes, but whose doesn’t?

The last few years of my life have been consumed, or driven, whichever you would like to call it, by my family. At one point I worked 2 jobs and was a full time college student. I was determined to have my life on track, for my family. I have taken traits from my mother, and many times have decided to put my kids’ happiness over my own (which to me is what a mother does).

Do you see a common factor in the above paragraphs? How about something that is missing? Me! Doing something for me!

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Dec 24 2011

I dream and aspire to be this confident and faithful(See Blog post below….)  My resolution…. Yours?

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Conundrum

by Jen Hatmaker on Tuesday November 29, 2011
When I was in sixth grade, I received two Christmas presents I distinctly remember:1.) The most coveted, desired beautiful “Forenza” tag on a pair of black leggings with a corresponding purple and black plaid shirt. (The outfit could’ve been anything, as long as it was from The Limited. Outback Red, anyone? Omg. If I could’ve conjured riches back then, I would’ve spent every red cent on OBR.)
2.) A fun, quirky red “football jersey type” sweatshirt.

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Dec 01 2011

Every wonder about all the “stuff” in someone’s home?  Some have more than others… some have things that are just “decorations” and truly mean nothing more than making sure that it “fits” with the decor.

My house is a little odd to some… most everything in our home has some meaning. If you know me well, you can pick up just about anything and hear a “story”.   MOST of the pictures on the walls are either pictures of my family or the picture has a story about something we all did together.  The picture in my basemet that looks like a beautful winter trail?  Just a picture?  no … my husband and I ran 16 miles every Sunday together while training for a marathon that looks EXACTLY like the picture.  Story.

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