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Dec 29 2011

Let me start off by saying I love my children, and I do everything I do for my family. They are the reason I am who I am today. On that note, my children/family drives me crazy sometimes, but whose doesn’t?

The last few years of my life have been consumed, or driven, whichever you would like to call it, by my family. At one point I worked 2 jobs and was a full time college student. I was determined to have my life on track, for my family. I have taken traits from my mother, and many times have decided to put my kids’ happiness over my own (which to me is what a mother does).

Do you see a common factor in the above paragraphs? How about something that is missing? Me! Doing something for me!

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Dec 24 2011

I dream and aspire to be this confident and faithful(See Blog post below….)  My resolution…. Yours?

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Conundrum

by Jen Hatmaker on Tuesday November 29, 2011
When I was in sixth grade, I received two Christmas presents I distinctly remember:1.) The most coveted, desired beautiful “Forenza” tag on a pair of black leggings with a corresponding purple and black plaid shirt. (The outfit could’ve been anything, as long as it was from The Limited. Outback Red, anyone? Omg. If I could’ve conjured riches back then, I would’ve spent every red cent on OBR.)
2.) A fun, quirky red “football jersey type” sweatshirt.

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Dec 01 2011

Every wonder about all the “stuff” in someone’s home?  Some have more than others… some have things that are just “decorations” and truly mean nothing more than making sure that it “fits” with the decor.

My house is a little odd to some… most everything in our home has some meaning. If you know me well, you can pick up just about anything and hear a “story”.   MOST of the pictures on the walls are either pictures of my family or the picture has a story about something we all did together.  The picture in my basemet that looks like a beautful winter trail?  Just a picture?  no … my husband and I ran 16 miles every Sunday together while training for a marathon that looks EXACTLY like the picture.  Story.

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Nov 24 2011

I am a 15 year old daughter, sister and a friend to many who have lost their loved ones. I realize how important family is and how important it is to make sure that they are close to my heart. Everybody fights with their family.  I know that there isn’t a family who doesn’t fight. I think that my family is pretty perfect in it’s own way.  My brothers and I fight, my mom and I disagree, my dad doesn’t want me to date.   That’s the way my family is…that’s what perfect is for my family.

When I was 9 my oldest brother left for college.  I acted like I didnt care. I was excited to have one brother down, and it would just be Nick and I.  I would help him pack and tell him I didn’t care that he was leaving. It’s not like he was going far, just to Kirkwood for a few years, he was only 10 min away, but as soon as we dropped him off at his apartment I lost it. The thought of not having my big brother to take me to the Xavier games, or having me be his chick magnet made me sad, and lost. At the time I thought I was losing Chris.  I figured he was gone for good, I wouldn’t even let my family talk about him without me breaking into tears. I didn’t realize how much I loved him until then, or even now.  He currently lives in Texas and is 24, I see him maybe 4 times a year.

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Nov 17 2011

Time for me to be a little selfish.

You ever wonder what makes people give? what is the catalyst that says.. yep, I need to pull some change out of my pocket? I know what makes me give.  It’s totally selfish.  I feel good after I give.  I get goosebumps when I see someone else happy.  It’s a drug.

So…we put out there that we were going to give 1,000 to a family in need – we got a few emails.  We set some parameters because we are looking for REAL, DESPERATE NEED.  Desperate as in DESPERATE.  After some research… they may be in need and we are completely compassionate but desperate?   nah

Decisions … so we put it out there again.  Nothing.  I am so happy that everyone is doing so well.  With THAT we decided to be selfish and give the 1,000 to Time in A Bottle.   These familes….. DESPERATE.   Desperate for life.  True absolute NEED.

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