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Feb 02 2012

I travel. I travel constantly. I travel five days a week for business, I travel weekends for pleasure. My home is an array of hotels, Hiltons, Holiday Inns or whatever William Shatner hooks me up with. My transportation consists of economy rental cars and cramped airplanes. My friends work at these airlines, hotels and rental companies. My office is any place with accessible electricity and Wi-Fi. My pride is completed tasks, on time arrivals, airline statuses and successful wake up calls. And yet my Dallas apartment is clean.

The last thing I want to do when I am home after three consecutive weeks of travel,( After three weeks of work in Boston, Massachusetts, Mobile, Alabama and Jacksonville, Florida and two weeks with the girlfriend somewhere deep in Montana.) is clean! When I first open that door to my apartment, I unleash the long imprisoned contents of my suitcase and watch as it springs itself free only to rest upon the floors, counters, couch, bathrooms and anywhere else it may land. My never used silverware, used once again, though not put away. Dirty forks, dirty dishes and used napkins find themselves spread all across my kitchen and dining room. My bed a mess once again from use.

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Jan 26 2012

Pooping in my pants was one of my earliest memories growing up, when I was 4 (I was the fourth child of 5 kids.) You might think, “So what? My child did that all the time at 4”. I would agree, my son (who is 4) has ‘accidents’ and I figured out last year in our Holiday Letter, when we had 3 kids still in diapers that we probably collected or changed over 1 ton of diapers the previous year…. But, I was fully potty-trained and conscious of my actions.

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Jan 17 2012

I was recently SHOCKED to read an article some of my association friends were applauding the contributors for, “Secrets of a Housecleaner”. I can ONLY guess there was lots of chatter and well …. You know how the press can “twist” things a bit?   I need to clear some things up here! I would imagine my friends who helped with this article are as upset as I am!

1. It’s the little things that make people happy. That’s why we make the little triangle at the end of the toilet paper roll. You guys love that.

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Jan 12 2012

My amazing husband…if you know him, you understand amazing is an understatement.  He is a teacher, consultant, listener, father, friend, confidant, son,uncle, and a better Catholic than I ever dream of being. Oh…..lover too. (blushing ….gross mom!!!) He is patient, kind and I would be lost with out him.

We have not had a trip by ourselves that has not involved our children or family in 14 years.

This year…. I am in charge.

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Jan 04 2012

Blog:  A shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences or hobbies.

You may have learned that this isn’t your “normal” business and I really don’t care about PC.  Part of this nation’s problem is too much PC — so phony.. this PC.  Ironic, eh?  So here is another out of the ordinary business “blog”…

Absolutely Clean is having a tough week.  I’ve said good bye to clients that expect two of my staff to spend 4-5 hours deep cleaning a house that hasn’t been touched in a month for the same price as a maintenance clean … our snow birds are flying away ( we tried to tell them there was no snow here so why not just stay this year???)  We lose clients to over spending at Christmas time (they will be back later.. )    Crystal’s sister’s boyfriend passed away … Jean’s daughter has cancer and Julie’s husband had a heart attack tonight.   The list goes on …

Boy are we praying.

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