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Apr 12 2012

Are you still fighting the social media bandwagon? Not very entrepreneurial of you… get on board my friend or be left behind!

Blogging, Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google ads, Face book ads, Yelp, Angie’s list, internet forums, micro blogging, podcasts, wikis, email, instant messaging, video , websites … what a list eh?

It’s a lot to take in if you are not already integrated into the social world!   I coach face book… how crazy is that? The site I began playing with so I could keep track of my kids is now paying bills! I love it, it’s fun and it changes daily. I am also having a lot of fun running different pages for other businesses besides my own. It keeps things exciting! Just when I have the hang of it face book changes the rules again! I love a challenge!

I thought I would blog a bit this week on face book as I have many followers on my fan page that follow me for my marketing and I am witnessing a lot of hard work that could use some tweaking. Here is a bit of advice from my experience.

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Mar 22 2012

We have been experiencing the BEST weather here in Iowa.  I went from Hawaii to … Hawaii?  Is this Iowa? Well … there are no oceans nearby but we do have an amazing river that flows through our town. I went downtown on St. Patrick’s Day for the first time in years… just to go downtown. I was carefree like I haven’t been since… well, I have no clue!  Our city experienced the power of a river and after several years it was exciting to see all the life and rebuilding that was happening.  Carefree was everywhere.

I have been contemplating that day as well as the last few years.  I feel like I am coming back alive too.  It’s not a super deep blog.  It won’t be long or super insightful.

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Mar 08 2012

How many of you are fans of Absolutely Clean?

Those of you that are, understand that I talk about time a lot. The importance of it, and why you should hire us to do the dirty work for you.    Today I am encouraging you to let the house get dirty!

Recently I posted on our fan page for a free clean and asked you WHY you should win.  I love hearing what you will do with your time, but it makes me a little sad sometimes.  It makes me sad because I am afraid if you don’t win, then these magical things you talk about will be put off…  this is what a few of you wrote:

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Mar 01 2012
Our family just returned from 9 days in Hawaii.  We were visiting family and experiencing the wonder of the islands.  I asked Grace to help me with my blog this week, she loves to  write and is encouraged by wanting to beat her brothers blog “views”.   I love asking my children to write as it gives me an insight I don’t otherwise have as well as honing a skill I feel is needed and I am lacking in … communication!  So the question was posed to Grace — Can you blog about our trip?

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Feb 22 2012

I was playing outside with my friends one afternoon after school when I was rudely interrupted by a mandatory family meeting. I was irritated. I knew the rules. You did your homework, your chores and then you were permitted to play outside until dinner. Yes, we were around the dinner table, yet there was no food. I sat, peeved and impatient waiting for whatever was so important that could justify interrupting my precious play time.

My Mom had been pacing around, looking restless and bothered. My dad sat close looking calm and stoic as usual, yet there was an opposite feeling, visible and bubbling on his inside. My brother and sister sitting with my same confused half nervous look of anticipation.

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