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Sep 12 2017

Listen to the Special Message From Absolutely Clean Owner Stephanie Nesseth Below. We want to give you the best customer service possible. Learn how we are working on quality.

May 19 2017


Humbled to have been asked to do this piece .. and then when you see what she pulled from our hour conversation? I can only hope to inspire someone today. You can have it all

Thank You to and Kelly D’Ambrosio for the opportunity!

May 14 2017

2017  – what . a . year!!

It has been a true empty nest for me.  Our social media peep aka my daughter Grace – has been away at a Semester at Sea … traveling the world on a ship while earning 13 intense credit hours in between ports.  Hawaii, India, Ghana, Vietnam, China, Japan, South Africa, Germany and many countries in between .. she’s now in Poland backpacking through Europe.  My husband and I will meet her in Italy in less than two weeks.  I am so excited to see the woman she has become.  There is nothing more empowering than traveling and expanding your mind with our peoples cultures.  Our differences bring us together when we let it. What have I learned this year with all adult children finally and completely out of the nest?

1.This mamma bear needs her cleaning service more than ever!

Let’s face it .. It wasn’t the kids…

2. Time for more than the mom taxi

  ONE of the perks of children leaving the nest is the time we now have to devote to our own passions.  I tell mama’s all the time .. don’t get so lost in your children that you forget who YOU are.  We  need to take care of our selves as well as our families.  I’m thrilled that our service allows other’s to have the same flexibility that I built for myself.. working around our kids schedules while still providing. IT has been a dream come true.

3.  I love to travel

My other two children are on opposite sides of the US.  I have one in Oregon and one in Virginia.   We are able to visit them as well as my family in Nebraska.

4.  I need to start exercising!  oye…

It’s crazy how much MORE time I have yet I have devoted all of my energy to everything BUT exercise.  I used to be a runner… i’m struggling to walk around the block!  Who has that secret???

5. The last 30 years of my life have been a joy

17 of those years has been as an owner of this company … it was designed for family.  MY family .. and has been an extension for the same for others.   My staff are my #1 clients and it’s THAT aspect that allows us to bring some amazing people into our lives to take care of our homes.   I’ve had the opportunity to begin public speaking and I love sharing my story and inspiring others.

6.  My staff are more than .. well .. staff.

This is my second family so it hurts when some leave us and it’s joyful when we welcome new staff in.    We lost Kristine to cancer this year and it’s left a hole for me as I devoted a lot of time to helping her.  I’ve switched that energy to our non profit .. and our mission to clean for more families who have cancer for free.  I’ll be presenting an opportunity for our clients and friends to help us with this mission this year in her memory. She is the 2017 Ambassador of Time In a Bottle this year . so stay tuned.. for little bits and pieces into the heart that is behind Absolutely Clean.

We can’t do it without ALL of you.  

Feb 20 2016


2015 Wrap Up!

A Note From Stephanie

Tomorrow our company officially wraps up 2015. We do this with our annual employee appreciation dinner. Awards are given , times are celebrated. Your generous gifts at Christmas are drawn for and there is so much excitement that surrounds that. We thank you for an amazing year. It was our best yet and we are striving for an even better one.

This year we were able to help more clients through Time In a Bottle and our client list almost doubled. Our staff was the MOST consistent it has been in years. This tells us we are doing a better job with our hires and we work hard here.. It’s a tough job market and we are PICKY. As I say that, we also have a couple out on medical leave. Mandy is having surgery today on both hands due to diabetes complications and Kristine begins Chemo next week for the fight of her life. We ask for your prayers.

We also ask for your continued patience as we aim to give you the consistency you have been lacking as we transition new staff and rearrange teams for our staff that are on leave. We also have many that are being promoted with our growth! Such an exciting time.

This isn’t a career choice for many, for some .. Yes. I find the mind and body typically handles this job for about one year if they truly are not a lover of all things clean. If it’s in their nature? We are the company to work for! We have many that are at a year and as always, we are preparing for our future and for your continued Absolutely Clean home.

Molly will be transitioning to our Quality Assurance manager. Her job will be to make sure our staff are all trained to give you the same clean, each and every time. Communication is key here for all of us. Thank you for the feedback you give us. We try hard to make sure we listen and follow through. Molly has been with us for 3 years.

Toni will be partnering with Molly from the office side. She communicates with our teams and dispatches them daily. She also visits with you, our client and makes sure our teams are up to date on your desires. She’s a great addition to our teams.

Julie is transitioning to solely handling our admin… Accounts payable, receive able and payroll! She also handles our new client acquisitions and making sure our team managers are working to achieve a rock star day. You won’t feel much difference here, this is mostly an internal change.

  Elaine is back with us and we are very pleased. She is transitioning to our commercial supervisor and helps during the day with our residential teams as we make the adjustment.

As the owner of this company, I am quite proud of our reputation and the hard work we have put into this community for almost 16 years. Thank you for your continued support and we promise to give you our all in 2016. I take my commitment to the 25+ employees very seriously and our mission to give you an Absolutely Clean home while fostering service to others… To heart. We are #morethanmaids

– Stephanie Nesseth
  Absolutely Clean
Time in A Bottle Inc

May 01 2015

11091246_10206298868889598_8302335637502018746_n– It’s that time of year again – the time when I say “Congratulations on your son or daughter’s upcoming graduation”. I UNDERSTAND what you are experiencing as my daughter Grace, is my last bird to fly the nest and will be graduating from Xavier this year. I have three… yes. … THREE spots reserved for my home that week.

It’s such a stressful and joyful time of the year. I am already feeling my shoulders relax just knowing our teams will be caring for that aspect for me. I want to EXPERIENCE all those last moments and not worry about who is cleaning the house,

If your normal clean doesn’t fall that week, PLEASE call us TODAY as we are booking solid NOW and I’ll call in some old staff to help us make sure we can accommodate you! Our office will even jump in when we need to. We have your back.

– I also wanted to address a common complaint we are receiving. We are hearing quite often that you don’t like having a different team each clean. Let me explain how we schedule … I’m not sure this perception is accurate.

GalCarpetCleanWe do our very BEST to make sure that at least ONE person that is at your home HAS been there before. Rest assured that ONE person knows your home and is professionally trained to teach the partner they have that day. We work very hard to make this happen. . IF that’s not possible then they are both out sick and if you WANT we can pause your cleaning for that week until they return, you will be charged for that very prime spot on our schedule if you choose this option, however part of the joy of hiring a “service” is that we have other processes in place to always give you an Absolutely Clean home. Our staff are thoroughly vetted and if I don’t feel comfortable leaving them in my house. . WITH small children and all my valuables??? They don’t’ work for us. I’ve spent almost 15 years now building this company and I don’t take that lightly. I know you trust our staff and me with the key to your home. We KNOW what that means. PINKY SWEAR!

spraybottle– We have some new “green” products we are testing right now and LOVE – I think you will find your showers and tubs extra sparkly over the next few months.

– Congrats to all of our families and our 2015 graduates!

– Congratulations to Becky – not only did she have her year anniversary but she has been hired to take over Amber’s position and will be the voice you hear on the phone along with Julie.

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