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Other cleaners run gallons of water through your carpet.  Much of that water soaks the padding beneath the carpet and won’t dry for days.  We suggest a low moisture process that decreases the risk of mold and warping under the carpet.

Lifting the dirt out instead of soaking it down, and tough solutions eliminate many stains that competitors leave behind.  Your carpets will look cleaner because they are cleaner, and they will stay cleaner longer.

Dirt cuts into carpet fibers and gradually destroys the carpet.  Dirt, sand and grit also scrape the surface of hardwood floors and tile causing permanent damage.  Regular cleaning protects your clients’ investment by removing these abrasive elements.

Unlike noisy steam cleaning systems, this process is virtually silent.  It helps keep you and the neighbors happy.

Not only does it break down many tough odor problems but also with the low moisture process it doesn’t leave behind sticky residues or unpleasant smells.  Carpets cleaned by this service have a subtle, pleasant citrus smell!
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  • Must have cleaning dates in 5 DAYS before scheduled clean.
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