Apr 19 2012

The Relationships of Facebook

I had many requests last week to give you a bit more information on Facebook . Here you go….

Those that have listened to me spout about Facebook through our association teaching calls have heard me refer to Facebook as the front porch.   ( visit www.arcsi.org and click on store…then click on Hot Topic downloads, type in my name and you’ll find 5 or so calls on marketing and/or Facebook for our industry) I have heard other social media experts refer to it as the house or your living room. I have a different view point. My living room is my website. I am drawing my friends and fans in through my front porch. I ultimately want to lead them to my living room (aka website). They get there through my front porch (aka Facebook). Is that a clear analogy for you? If not – I’d love to hear your comments and I’ll try to expand on that. Communication aka posts and comments on my page are like the telephone. Do you answer your phone? We all know as business owners, how very important answering the phone is right? We also know how important WHO is answering that phone IS. If someone calls for your service and has no response…. What’s your likelihood of booking service? I don’t need to answer that question for you … we have deeper things to talk about if I do, right?

Let’s assume that you understand that Facebook marketing is all about relationships. You get it. Now we need a plan. What’s your goal? Who are you talking to? Fans? Employees? Clients? YOU decide. This is where you start. AFTER you get that we are making friends here.

I am talking to all three on my page… my company depends on a relationship with them all. We know we have nothing without all three. We also give a lot in our organization so our marketing revolves around giving. It’s who I am … so my Facebook persona reflects that.   How do I do that on a consistent basis? I have a plan.

My plan: Give and you shall receive is my ultimate marketing plan

How do I do this?

Monday Motivation: I give inspiring quotes – I expect nothing in return here except smiles and feelings of happiness from who we touch. I’m a mentor…this is who we are.

Tuesday Tips: I give information that has value to our clients that also benefits our organization. I usually post a link that leads to my living room (aka web page) Our profit from our products goes to our nonprofit Time in A Bottle Inc. I’m giving a tip … and receiving back to my home aka website. Got it?

Wednesday what’s up? Relationships and community are key! I love giving a voice to local business. On this day I search out and allow our community to post what’s going on. Please come sit on my front porch? Got it?

Thursday Thought: Everyone needs a blog — I’m letting you in to who I am. I can’t have a relationship with you if I’m all closed up right? So here is where I give insight to my inner workings – to my company – to our people. It also links right back up to my house aka website!

Friday Fun: well who the heck wants to listen to me prattle on about cleaning every day… sappy stuff and why do we care who she is, right?? I just want her to clean my house! I GET that… so here we are pulling in those other people to our front porch… who just want a little fun! And it’s Friday for crying out loud… ENOUGH already! Got it?

That’s MY plan … I certainly integrate other things, and EVERY piece of marketing relates right back to my front porch!

When to post? Like it or not… people are on Facebook at work! Some check before they go to work … others at naptime and there are those who JUST pop on in the eve! You will only hit ONE if you post once a day. If you just post when you feel like it?? What a complete waste of your time and air! It’s like putting out ONE round of postcards in a neighborhood and expecting results! Won’t happen…

My post schedule: (at least in the beginning when I was building my facebook family)

7 am


5 or 7 pm

My stats go WAAAY down if I only post twice a day! I have a CLOSED door if I skip a day! You all have seen how many posts you have if you don’t check back even after several hours. This is why you need not worry about being spammy if you wait at least 2 hours between posts. It’s very likely that a person will see ONE of your posts unless they “hang” on Facebook!

Happy Facebook relationship building!

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