The Future of Clean

It’s an incredible time.

As scientists and engineers create new ways to recycle waste, heat our homes, and fuel our cars, a new technological breakthrough has created a powerful and renewable cleaner with just one sustainable ingredient–water. Sound like something you’d find in a science-fiction book? You’re more likely to find it in a history book. No chemicals, no harmful side effects, less waste, and a forever positive effect on the environment.

The upside to this technological breakthrough is immense.

Millions of bottles of waste will be eliminated through Gen-Eon’s Trio technology and sustainable tap water.

No longer do families, schools and hospitals need to jeopardize health for immediate cleanliness.

The environment will thrive without toxic chemicals.

The future is here. Experience the phenomenon that will revolutionize cleaning forever.

Real clean means no germs, no dirt and no residue.

Cleans Sanitizes
Bathrooms Sinks, Mirrors, Toilets, Tubs and Showers
Dining Areas Tables and Chairs, Bar Tops and Stools, Windows
Kitchens Food Prep Areas, Dishes and Flatware, Countertops, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Stovetops, Ovens, Sinks
Around the House  Doors, Windows, Chairs, Tables, Furniture, Bed Frames, Picture Frames, Decorations
Floors Spot cleaning on carpets and all floor types
Miscellaneous Exercise Equipment, Toys, Autos, Pet Areas, etc.

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