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The mission of Absolutely Clean is to provide professional quality each and every clean and offer a secure, constructive and positive work environment.

Absolutely Clean is a conglomeration of moms, teachers, coaches, and active members of the community. We are people, just like you, who want to have clean houses and more time! At Absolutely Clean, we provide you with both of these valuable scarcities, and with the most personal of touches!

Absolutely Clean was started in 2001, by Stephanie Nesseth, with the desire to have flexibility for her family. Her oldest son was surviving cancer and family needed to be the first priority.In growing the business, Stephanie realized that there were other people out there who wanted the same flexibility, wanted to have a clean home and more time!

Every employee at Absolutely Clean is a highly trained professional with a keen eye for detail. We understand the home is a precious place and that a clean home can mean a clear mind. We only use all organic cleaning products as we believe that the products used in your home should be safe for your loved ones and pets. Feel free to order the organic products that Absolutely Clean professionals use in your home!

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    We need your help with this months charity! Too cold to get out and share your food?? We need your cans man! Bring them in -- donating to our local food pantries.


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Time In a Bottle


The mission of Time in a Bottle INC, is to provide precious “time” to parents that are dealing with the hope and care of their children becoming survivors of not only cancer, but any other life threatening illness that requires multiple hours away from home and family.